Coworkers can be annoying at work here is a list of annoying things that people do

Many people are getting ready to head back to the office. With that being said, there and many benefits to going back to work, however, reuniting with some of your coworkers might not be one of the reasons.

Here is a list of things that drive people up the wall at work:

  1. When they schedule a meeting, and then at the meeting they ask what the meeting should be about. Be prepared!
  1. Sipping beverages loudly. No one need to hear you slurp your beverage.
  1. Using speakerphone for personal calls. Close the door or just don’t do it.
  1. Asking questions while in a neighbouring stall in the bathroom. WHY?  Just don’t, unless you are asking them to spare a square.
  1. Strange eating habits, like eating popcorn with a spoon. Do people actually eat popcorn with a spoon?  That’s a thing!?
  1. Pushing their MLM side-hustle on you.
  1. Taking their shoes off at work.
  1. Singing.
  1. Being passive aggressive.
  1. Talking non-stop about their pets.

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