Woman reveals that her Hinge date wants her to pay him back $4 after things don't work out

No one ever said that dating was easy!

Katlyn Phipps of Tennessee, recently posted to TikTok about how she got an Apple Pay request from a man she had gone on one casual coffee date with.

During the date, he paid for their coffee, however, when their second date fell through due to her busy schedule, he decided he wanted her to pay him back.

In her post, she explains she wanted to go out with him again, but since she’s a full-time student and a part-time employee, it can be hard for her to find time to date, which is understandable.  Or, you would think that someone would be understanding. In the video, she shared their text conversation in which he asked for the money, and when she asked why, he said, “I assume the 2nd try for breakfast is canceled by now so that’s for the coffee last week since it seems like we’re never gonna go out again. Really just don’t understand what games you are trying to play.”

She captioned her post with, “Things men have: the audacity.”

Many people responded in the comments section writing things like “Request him for wasted makeup and other things,” etc. It looks like most people are siding with Katyln, should she maybe send him a bill for transportation and her time?


Things men have: the audacity

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In another video, she also explained that he offered to pay for her coffee.


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Hopefully Katlyn will have better luck in the future.

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