Ed Sheeran Makes Fun Of His Pale Legs In Christmas Video With Elton John

Ed Sheeran returned to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” four years after he was last in the hot seat.

The “Bad Habits” Grammy-nominated artist opened up about his new found purpose being a dad to his 15-month-old daughter Lyra Antarctica Seaborn.

Sheeran explained how he “didn’t really have any purpose” outside of music. When he wasn’t back and forth between touring and being in the studio, he didn’t know what to do with his down time.

“When I was giving myself fixed time off of no work, I wasn’t doing anything I enjoyed because I love doing music and this is actually giving me purpose and something in life that’s actually more important than my job,” he told DeGeneres.


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Sheeran discussed the making of his album “=” which has been streamed over a billion times.

“It was a lot of work putting into this album. It was about four years of lots of crisis moments of like ‘this is really rubbish and I need to redo it’ and everything so I’m just happy it’s out and I can move onto the next thing,” he said.

Lately, the english singer-songwriter has been stepping outside his comfort zone, especially in his music videos.

“I was never in music videos. My whole first album I’m in like split seconds of the videos. I’m just like a little cameo because I always saw myself as not a pop star. I never saw myself as being the person who’s on a poster. I made music for the radio, not necessarily to make music videos,” Sheeran explained about his lack of appearances in his earlier work.


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“Then when it came to ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ and I was like ‘I know this song could be really really big and I don’t want to hold it back by not being in the video and I want to do something that makes it go viral’ cuz that was the thing back then- make a viral music video- and I was like ‘what would be my surprising for people to see,’ which would be me dancing so I learned to dance and that song blew up from that,” he continued.

Sheeran continues to push the boundaries for himself, dressing in “lots of wacky outfits” for “Shivers” and sporting a Santa outfit with no pants for his new collab “Merry Christmas” with Elton John.


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While everybody’s talking about how great and muscular his legs look, people are also commenting on how visibly pale they are, to which Sheeran explained the funny story behind his legs.

“I wanna say the music video director actually put VFX on and made them about five shades darker and they’re still that pale,” he joked, adding “I glow in the dark.”

Later, the musician picked up his guitar for a special acoustic performance of “Shivers”.

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