Woman shares funny review of leggings and it goes viral

Finding a good pair of leggings is like winning the lottery!

A woman going by Cory H. shared a rave review of a pair of $13.99 Raypose leggings on Amazon in July 2020, but her review resurfaced over the weekend when a fellow shopper shared her review on Twitter.

In her review, Cory says she was hiking while wearing the leggings, and that the leggings stayed intact even after she went down the side of the mountain on her behind. If you can slide down a mountain and those leggings don’t rip, the entire world needs to hear about them.  Trust me!  As someone who has ruined maybe pairs of pants from hiking related “falls”, these leggings are like gold.
She even shared pictures of her laying on the rocks.
People thought her review was hilarious, and they say she should be given a lifetime supply of the leggings due to her great review.  It seems that she has a few admirers.
It really pays to read all the reviews.

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