TikTocker shares her "Worst First Date" which involves 100 Taco Bell Tacos

Sometimes dating can be tough.
TikTok user Elyse Myers (@elysemyers) shared a story on October 6th about when she was still using dating apps and she had quite the story.
Elyse decided to meet up with a guy she was talking and their date didn’t go as well as she had hoped it would. She said there were many red flags from the beginning, including the fact that he asked her to come to his house so he could drive them to the restaurant instead of just meeting there.
When Elyse arrived at his place he told her he lost his car keys, meaning she had to drive.  So, she drives to the restaurant, only to find out that it was Taco-Bell.  Her date then ordered a 100 tacos, and she got stuck with the bill.

It doesn’t stop there, the date continued at her date’s father house, where things just seemed super odd. She eventually left and took 94 tacos with her.


I haven’t been to a @tacobell since. #coffeetalk #theadhdway #firstdatefail #tacobell

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