A microphone catches best man's cheeky comment during first dance

When a couple gets married they never forget their first dance.

In fact, many couples will hire photographers and videographers to capture every moment of their big day.  After all, it’s a great way to relive the memories.

For many couples, their special day can seem like a blur. Recently, one bride and groom decided to watch the footage from their wedding to relive their special day, what they watched left them in stitches.  Actually, it left many people in stitches!

When the couple was reviewing their first dance, they heard some audio that was left in by the videThe clip being played on a phone shows the couple taking part in the traditional first dance as their guests watch on from their seats.

The sweet and romantic moment is interrupted after a microphone was left at the head table.  The microphone picked up a comment from one of the best men, who says: “Spencer’s a** looks so phat right now.”

P.S language might not be suitable for work…or kids!


What happens when you leave the mic at the head table with the best men during your first dance #wedding

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