Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson responds to a high school student who sent him $7

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson received a letter from a graduating high school senior who sent him a symbolic $7.

On Monday, Johnson read a touching letter from Lorraine Angelakos, she asked the actor to speak to her graduating class at Pompano Beach High School in Florida.

As Johnson read the letter, he expressed how impressed he was by the letter, saying, “when I received this letter, it knocked me off my feet. It’s not what Lorraine is saying it’s how she’s saying it.”

Angelakos brought up a valid point in her letter to Johnson, “Most commencement speakers and celebrities are sought for after you complete college, but I think the time is now in your senior year when some students won’t have that luxury to attend college,” he read. “With the help of someone like you, you can inspire them. They deserve it now with you as their inspiration.”

Before he continued to read the letter, Johnson looked at the camera and paused, “You’re absolutely right. It’s the high school seniors. Lorraine, I would have done this for free. I would’ve traveled around the world twice and back just to come and speak to you guys during graduation. I would’ve been there.”

“But here’s the thing that sealed the deal,” he said, “As part of a good faith request, I have enclosed seven bucks as a downpayment for your services.” So why $7? The $7 was the amount of money Johnson had to his name when he first started his career.


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To all the high school graduates of 2020, Truth is, you’re the generation that will have the answers to the questions, we – as adults – are having a challenging time finding the answers to. My/our accountability to your generation is helping create the pathway to normalizing equality and showing that being compassionate, tough, empathetic, strong and kind are never mutually exclusive. And your generation will ensure that equality for all, through empathy and respect will remain forever. Thank you, Pompano Beach High School Senior Class President and Valedictorian, Lorraine Angelakos for this incredibly moving letter that resonated with me deeply. Remember, to put your money where your heart is and always let your heart, mana and instinct be your guiding North Star. We must become the leaders we’re looking for. And I can’t wait to see the leaders that you and all your fellow high school graduates become. Congrats, enjoy your summer, and keep being THE hardest workers in the room✊🏾🎓 DJ aka Mr. 2% #normalizeequality

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