Seven-year-old boy throws prom for his babysitter

Curtis Rogers is being applauded after hosting a prom for his babysitter after hers was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Curtis is a seven-year-old boy from North Carolina, who hadn’t seen his babysitter in two months. When Curtis heard that Rachel Chapman’s prom was cancelled, he decided to do something special for her.  So, he planned a “mini prom” in his family’s backyard.

He didn’t want her to miss out on the opportunity to wear her prom dress, and he also wanted to see her.

The little boy, even had a “promposal,” he held a sign that read: “Mini Prom isn’t today but will you go on Monday?”

On prom night, Curtis picked out his own outfit, and he set up a table in the backyard for dinner, they practiced social distancing, with the help of his mother.

After dinner, Curtis and Rachel danced to songs from Frozen and Moana.

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