Canada Post delivers package, 8 years late

Better late than never? Right?

Elliot Berinstein was surprised when Canada Post delivered a package to his home a few weeks ago, but here’s the thing, it was eight years late.

The package was left at his door from on May 6, inside the package was a tube of Brylcreem hair product that he ordered in 2012. Berinstein forgot that he even placed the order.

So what condition was the product in when it arrived? Well, when Berinstein opened the product it looked bright yellow, when he googled the cream he learnt that it was supposed to be white.

When he first ordered the product, he lived in Ottawa, the package was never delivered to him. agreed to re-ship the product to his home in Toronto, but it has yet to arrive. Hopefully it will arrive a little sooner this time.

Canada Post recently announced that people should expect delays due to the number of postal deliveries. 

Let’s hope that it doesn’t take 8 years for your package to arrive.  


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