Video shows huge alligators in 'sudden death' fight on South Carolina golf course

Two large alligators were spotted by some golfers at the Hilton Head Lakes golf course in Hardeeville, S.C. The alligators apparently fought with each other for a few hours.

Oh, snap.

Matthew Proffitt was golfing with a group of friends in South Carolina when he stumbled upon two alligators mid-battle.

His group was golfing at the Hilton Head Lakes Golf Course in Hardeeville on May 20. Shocking video of the brutal face-off, taken by Proffitt, was shared to the course’s official Facebook page.

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“Sudden death playoff on the 18 yesterday,” the video caption reads. “Keep your eyes open out there, the course is full of wildlife.”

The footage shows the two gigantic animals with their jaws locked on each other. One seems to be “losing,” occasionally thrashing its body around in an attempt to free itself from its enemy. Every once in a while, the gators grumble.

Apparently, the fight went on for two hours.

“They would lay still for a few minutes, with their jacks locked on each other, and then try to roll or shake,” Proffitt told Storyful.

Alligators frequent the area, especially now during their mating season. Luckily, no one got hurt — but alligator attacks in the area are on the rise.

Fourteen of the state’s 23 reported alligator attacks, Island Packet says, have happened in Beaufort County, where Hilton Head is located.

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Perhaps given the rarity, commenters found a sense of humour while watching the video.

“Is anyone gonna jump in there and start counting?” one person joked, while another declared: “I will never golf again, but I certainly wouldn’t golf where dinosaurs are fighting it out.”

Referencing popular golf movie Happy Gilmore, a Facebook user said: “One of these has to be a descendant of the gator that took Chubb’s hand.”

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