A self-isolation playlist for those stuck inside during coronavirus pandemic

Trying times continue as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on and people across the globe have been left with no choice but to self-isolate in their homes and socially distance from one another to avoid catching or spreading the novel coronavirus.

The illness has plagued the entertainment industry in particular, leaving avid music lovers wondering what to do with themselves this summer as a result of continuous cancellations and postponements of upcoming 2020 concert tours.

Potential alternatives for boredom include Netflix‘s Tiger King or Nintendo‘s latest, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so it’s OK, right? Wrong. Tiger King features only seven episodes and for last-minute buyers, or “bandwagoners,” the Nintendo Switch console is now sold out nationwide.

So you might be wondering what else can you do to fight boredom during self-isolation if you can’t go outside. Well, Global News has a solution — a quarantine playlist.

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Maybe you’ve already seen a few compilations floating around featuring R.E.M.’s It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine), Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive or even Don’t Stand So Close to Me by The Police. Sure, so have we, but we have you covered with an all-new, refreshing playlist to help you get out of that quarantine slump.

Here is Global News’ “COVID-19 Quarantunes” playlist in its entirety:

Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again — The Fortunes

“How many days since quarantine began?” some might already be asking themselves. Well, we’re afraid you’re just going to have to get used to it at this point — just like The Fortunes got used to those “rainy days” in this 1971 classic.

At least they sounded positive about the situation, right? Perhaps that’s an approach we should all take as we attempt to flatten the curve.

Why Can’t I? — Liz Phair

“Why can’t I breathe…?” sings Liz Phair on the 2003 pop-rock anthem. Well, fortunately — so far as we know — the Chicago-based musician is in good health and is free of COVID-19.

Perhaps it’s just the lack of fresh air, Liz. Crack a window.

Somebody Get Me a Doctor — Van Halen

Think you’re showing symptoms of COVID-19? Well, if you’ve been practising social distancing, perhaps it’s just a common cold. Regardless, don’t panic like frontman David Lee Roth does on this Van Halen classic.

Instead of rushing to your family doctor’s office or calling Telehealth, first take Ontario’s new online self-assessment tool, as requested by the government.

Panic Station — Muse

“Doubts will try to break you / Trouble will surround you / Start taking some control,” as sung by Muse frontman Matt Bellamy on this 2012 alt-rock single. Reassuring, no?

This funky, bass-driven number should remind you once again not to “panic” in the midst of the global health crisis. You don’t need that much toilet paper — really.

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Trapped in a Box — No Doubt

Right now, we’re all feeling trapped in a box in one way or another, but this “box” has another groovy bass hook as well as an upbeat brass section and a high-energy Gwen Stefani circa 1992 to distract you from even thinking about going outside.

Home — Foo Fighters

For those of you who are home, good job. But this is a gentle reminder that if “all” Dave Grohl wants “is to be home,” then so should you. Don’t take it for granted. Please stay indoors.

This emotional, 2007 Foo Fighters ballad was also picked for those who may be stranded in other countries, struggling to make it back home — whether that’s in Canada or not.

Lonely — Akon

The title says it all. Dealing with loneliness while stuck at home? It seems that 2004-era Akon is feeling that way as well. Why not listen to this song and be alone, together as The Strokes once said.

Toxic — Britney Spears

Comrade Britney knows what’s up. Just like the person, or thing, the pop icon was singing about in 2003, we should stay all try to stay away from COVID-19, because it’s “toxic” to our health. Though she never explicitly sings it, Britney Spears is definitely encouraging you to stay inside, wash your hands and practise social distancing.

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People Ain’t No Good — Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

We should also take a page from Nick Cave‘s book during this madness and convince ourselves that “People just ain’t no good” — at least until we’re safe to exit quarantine… then you can like other people again.

Sign of the Times — Harry Styles

Having an existential crisis in the midst of your quarantine? Mentally confused? Here’s Harry Styles simply telling you to “Just stop your crying / It’ll be alright.”

Believe us, his voice and this radiant music video  helps.

Don’t Start Now — Dua Lipa

In denial about the whole quarantine situation? Feeling ready to go out with your friends again after weeks of isolation again? Don’t.

As Dua Lipa sings in Don’t Start Now, “Don’t show up / Don’t come out / Don’t start now.” Wait until this all blows over.

I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire — The Ink Spots

Ever play Fallout? If you said yes, then you might remember this soothing 1941 pop song. If not, then take a listen. It’s perfectly fit to calm you down in the middle of an apocalypse… or a quarantine. Similar concepts, right?

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Jesus, Take the Wheel — Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood‘s Jesus, Take the Wheel is a song all about faith, which is important during times like these.

It should remind us to have some hope in not just the work scientists are putting in to find a cure for COVID-19, but also the continuous efforts from medical professionals and first responders battling the coronavirus from the frontlines.

Wish You Were Here — Pink Floyd

Missing the homies or your co-workers? Isolated from your partner? Family’s overseas? Here’s a sad one for you if you just need to let it all out.

All By Myself — Céline Dion

No playlist would be complete without a Céline Dion banger, especially one as pertinent to the quarantine act as All By Myself.

Here’s Global News’ rendition of the 1996 ballad.

From a Distance — Bette Midler

During these troubled times, it’s important to say hello from a distance.

Make sure you’re checking in on your friends or your relatives. After all, in the digital age, they’re often just a video call away.

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Lonely Day — System of a Down

That’s right, even headbangers feel lonely sometimes. Give your toughest and scariest friend a call to make sure they’re OK.

Bills, Bills, Bills — Destiny’s Child

In a dream world, there’d be “a baller” like Beyoncé to help you pay the bills like she does for the “scrub” in this Destiny’s Child music video, but this is reality.

Maybe during isolation you can find a person on the dating app you’ve been eyeing to order you some Uber Eats instead of cooking for the umpteenth night in a row.

That’s Life — Frank Sinatra

We’re only one quarter through and 2020’s already been quite a ride, hasn’t it? But as Frank Sinatra sang in this 1966 classic: “That’s life.”

This quarantine might be dragging you down, but this bittersweet tune might help reignite some spark back into your step. After all, the late musician said we’ll be “riding high in April.”

Fighter — Christina Aguilera

We understand that during a self-quarantine being alone is often quite difficult to cope with; however, that’s why we’ve included Christina Aguilera‘s Fighter.

Whether you’re fighting loneliness, COVID-19 itself or your neighbour for the last box of Lysol wipes, the 39-year-old pop singer knows that the pandemic is making you “that much stronger.”

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Live Forever — Oasis

Nobody’s immortal, but to live forever through the COVID-19 pandemic, all you need is a little bit of perseverance — provided here, in the form of a 1994 Britpop hit by the notorious Gallagher brothers.

We Found Love — Rihanna (ft. Calvin Harris)

Maybe in the last few weeks you’ve sparked an online romance via a dating app and you’re itching to meet up after spending so long alone. Well, first off, don’t! FaceTime your newly found crush instead, or set up a Skype date.

Sure, Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ literally explosive date looks awesome, but you could have just as fun a time (unlikely) with a digital date while also avoiding the spread of COVID-19.

Get Ur Freak On — Missy Elliott

Trapped indoors with your partner? Running out of things to do? The title of this 2001 Missy Elliott hit says it all.

Fight boredom, pass the time by making love!

 Don’t Go Outside — Poppy

Though the apocalyptic nature of this song and “amphibians falling from the sky” doesn’t quite apply to our current situation, the doom and gloom tone of Poppy‘s Don’t Go Outside accurately reflects it.

It also reminds us that things could be worse, right?

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Here Comes the Sun — The Beatles

At the end of this musical and extremely emotional journey, here’s a sprinkle of positivity from The Beatles.

Eventually (we hope), this pandemic will end and we’ll be free to enjoy the outdoors. For now, spring is finally on its way.

Global News’ self-isolation playlist — “COVID-19 Quarantunes” — is now available through Spotify.


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