Julianne Hough writhes, screams during so-called 'energy treatment'

WATCH: Julianne Hough appears to scream, squirm during 'energy treatment'

A video of Julianne Hough undergoing a so-called “energy treatment” in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum made its rounds online Thursday and left people with a lot of questions.

The video of the dancer shows her receiving a treatment called Network Spinal Analysis, which is a method of chiropractic care that focuses on the nervous system.

The video was shared on social media by blogger Jackie Schimmel, who captioned the video: “Gonna tell my kids this is The Exorcist… (Policy Guideline Disclaimer: I aspire to such flexibility and mind connection and hope to have similar orgasmic experience at Kinrgy. Love and light).”

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Gonna tell my kids this is “The Exorcist”.

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In Switzerland, Hough participated in a demonstration led by Dr. John Amaral. While he floated his hands above the dancer’s body, she responded by writhing while lying on a massage table.

As he lightly touched her neck and bottom, she began to scream and contort her body.

“When energy was stored and bound up in the muscles, it gets to dissipate, and if we’re really free to express and allow energy that’s been bound in our bodies to move through — this woman is like, an incredible dancer, actress, just human being, and she has practised just allowing things to move through,” Amaral said in the video.

Hough said she felt “so much more liberated on the inside that I can speak my truth clearly, stand in my power and not feel overtaken by emotion.”

“My mind and I feel free inside myself to just be. Our body is our vessel to hold our energy, and that is the most prominent thing that we can take care of,” she said.

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The Dancing With the Stars alum said she met Amaral through Tony Robbins and that they began to work together.

“I just felt like I had energy for days, and that was kind of my superpower,” she said.

“People would always ask me why am I so positive and what do you do, and honestly, it was my energy level. And I didn’t know what that even meant.”

She also said that when she started working with Amaral, he “was able to help me access these old stories, these old belief systems, these old conditionings that I had created over 30-plus years.”

“I was able to reorganize my whole belief system so my power came from within versus socially or whatever the status quo you had to live up to,” Hough said.

Many fans of Hough took to social media to question what was going on in the video.

Hough posted about her experience on Instagram, telling her followers they can learn more about the demonstration by watching Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix series, The Goop Lab.

Julianne Hough/Instagram

Julianne Hough/Instagram

Julianne Hough/Instagram
Julianne Hough/Instagram

Julianne Hough/Instagram

In the fifth episode of Paltrow’s Netflix series, Goop employees participate in a “somatic energy healing practice” with Amaral.

He calls it the “energy flow formula” and claims it can “heal physical injuries, reduce stress, anxiety and depression and reach and sustain new levels of energy, clarity and fulfilment.”

Elise Loehnen is one of the employees treated by Amaral.

In the episode, he is seen moving his hands around Loehnen’s body, rarely making physical contact. Loehnen reacts to these movements with a series of jolted movements — arching her back at points, accompanied by guttural groans, coughing and clenched fingers.

“I had an exorcism,” Loehnen told Paltrow afterwards. “I could not get a Goop-ier.”

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