Green Party would transition Canada to carbon-free electricity, cancel pipelines

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MONTREAL — Green Leader Elizabeth May says her party’s climate change plan would cancel proposed pipeline projects and transition Canada’s energy infrastructure to a carbon-free grid system.

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Speaking at an event in Montreal, May says the Green plan would modernize Canada’s electricity grid to supply renewable energy across the country.

She says a Green government would scrap existing gas projects, including a $9-billion project to pipe natural gas to Quebec’s Saguenay region.

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May is casting doubt on Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s promise to make Canada carbon neutral by 2050, saying his government already bought a pipeline and has not altered its carbon target for 2030.

She says Canada needs to avoid a climate “tipping point” by aggressively reducing greenhouse gas levels by 2030.

Liberal, Green party leaders to take part in Montreal climate change march

Her announcement comes a day before hundreds of thousands of people were expected to join a march in Montreal and elsewhere across Canada as part of an international day of protest over climate change.


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