Google pays tribute to Friends

Google is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Friends by creating character Easter eggs in their search engine.  The company rolled out the cool feature on Thursday night, and it shows a special icon when you search for a characters name.

For example, when you search for Ross Geller, it pulls up an icon of a couch. When you click on the couch, you hear Ross yell out, “Pivot.” When you keep clicking it, the couch splits in two.


When you search for Rachel Green, you will find The Rachel haircut.  Clicking on the The Rachel will lead you to Google Images, and you’ll find images of the famous haircut.

Try searching for Phoebe Buffay, you will find an image of a guitar.  Once you click on it, a  black cat appears, and you will hear Phoebe sing “Smelly Cat.”

We can’t forget bout Joey Tribbiani, once you search his name you will find a slice of pizza. When you click on it, Joey’s voice says, “Joey doesn’t share food.” Then you will see food pop on the screen, and Joey’s hands reaching for the food.


We still have a few more friends to get too.  Search for Monica Geller, and a bucket and sponge will appear. Give it a click, and it will give her name a little scrub, and after all, Monica was “The Queen of Clean.”

Last but not least, Chandler Bing. Next to Chandler’s name you will find a recliner.  When you click on it, Yasmine and Dick pop up for a visit.

The fun doesn’t end there, if you search for the “Friends glossary.” Google’s glossary tool will pop up with vocabulary from the show, including phrases like “phalange,” meat sweats,” and “on a break.”

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