More than 40 dogs rescued from landfill in Manitoba brought to Calgary

WATCH: Dozens of homeless dogs are in Calgary after being rescued from a landfill in Manitoba. They've been brought in for help thanks to the work of many volunteers and foster families. Lisa MacGregor reports.

Dozens of homeless dogs and puppies were rescued from a landfill in northern Manitoba and transported to the Calgary area on Wednesday.

Roughly 18 adults and four litters were brought to the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue group at around 4:30 p.m.

One litter had puppies as young as two weeks old and another was found without a mother, according to officials.

The animals were brought to Alberta after a man phoned the rescue centre asking for help. He said there were several people stepping up to volunteer or foster the animals.

The sick and starving animals were found at a landfill site where they were roaming wild, living in a trash pile, scrounging for scraps and even eating plastic and leaves, according to the rescue group.

The dog population in that area was growing because they kept breeding with one another and some people brought them food occasionally.

The rescue group says there is an overpopulation of stray dogs in northern Manitoba that continue to breed because they aren’t getting spayed or neutered.

“The dogs are homeless and breeding among each other. They don’t belong to anybody because they keep having puppies and more puppies,” Rory Oneill, the director of the Rocky Mountain Rescue Centre, said.

He said there is still a need for foster homes for the animals that arrived. But, they also really need temporary housing for the rescued dogs.

“The biggest thing we need in the future… is a rescue centre.

“We need one built and established so we don’t have to depend on all the fosters. It’s really hard because we have so many dogs coming in at once and we can bring in so many more, but there’s nowhere for them to go.”

The dogs that arrived at the rescue centre will be spayed and neutered and will hopefully find forever homes soon.

MANITOBA RESCUE TODAY/FOSTERER'S FOR PUPPY LITTER AND MOTHER NEEDED: We sooo badly need a rescue center, and will start…

Posted by Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue on Wednesday, September 18, 2019



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