Petition to move the date of Halloween resurfaces

Would you be in favour of moving Halloween from October 31st to a Saturday?

Why are we even talking about Halloween?  Well, Halloween isn’t too far away, and some people are hoping that the date of the Halloween can be moved.

Last year, the Halloween & Costume Association (HCA) started an online petition to move Halloween in the United States.  Recently, the petition has gained momentum, and as of Monday morning there were over 99,000 signatures.

Halloween lands on a Thursday this year, if the petition is successful, the holiday could take place on October 26th.  The HCA argues that moving the holiday to a Saturday would allow more parents to take their kids trick-or-treating, avoiding Halloween-related injuries, and it will allow adults to join in on the fun.

If some people had their way, they would make the entire month of October all about Halloween.

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