A miscommunication leads to a birthday picture going viral

A miscommunication at a Walmart in Missouri led to a picture going viral.

The post was on Facebook last year, but recently it started to gain traction online. Melin Jones went to Walmart to order a cake for her daughter.  When she arrived, she asked the lady to write, ‘Happy birthday, Lizard.” Lizard happens to be her daughters’ nickname.

Jones said that she didn’t look at the order form, so it wasn’t until she got home that she noticed something was wrong. Apparently, the lady didn’t hear ‘Lizard,’ she heard ‘loser.’” OOPS!

When it first happened, Jones was upset, but now she can laugh at it.  Luckily, her daughter can’t read.

For the record, Jones did go back to the Walmart and got her daughter a new cake that read “Happy Birthday Elizabeth.”



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