Twitter users defend Jason Momoa after he is body-shamed

Jason Momoa has been known to play roles, where his characters are super ripped. For example, his role in Aquaman and Game of Thrones.

While on vacation, the paparazzi snapped a picture of Momoa shirtless.  He might not have his Aquaman physique, however, he is still in shape.  That didn’t stop some jerks on the internet from body-shaming him.  For example, “I think he’s down from an 8-pack to a 5-pack. WHO STOLE AQUAMAN’S OTHER 3 PACKS?!?” wrote one Facebook user, while another comment reads, “Lmao he went from aquaman to dad bod faster then thanos snap!”

Many people were quick to come to his defence, pointing out that while he may not be as ripped, he still looks great, and they are right.

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