Are you being Pocketed, Cookie Jared or You-Turned, here at the New Dating terms for 2019

We all know the “Classics”  Ghosting? Haunting? Zombieing? Seriously, this is probably why most millennials have given up on love. And it doesn’t help that a new relationship term starts trending twice every week.

It’s early 2019 and already we have 3 more terms to be aware of when dating

Pocketing: Have things been getting serious between you and your better half, but he still hasn’t introduced you to his mother? Chances are, you’ve been pocketed.  The relationship is fun, but he doesn’t see her as a future wife. Why get friends and family involved?

and well speaking of snacks…

Cookie Jarring: treating someone as a back-up option while you’re dating other people. You may not be that serious about your date, but you sporadically dip your hand in the cookie jar if you don’t have any better snacks in front of you.

and last but not least…

You-Turning: You turning refers to falling head-over-heels over someone, but you discovered something completely off-putting about them, like poor oral hygiene or a recent criminal record. You’ve turned the other way towards the end of the relationship because of that major deal

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