'Lego Movie 2' Promises Even Catchier Tune To Get Stuck Inside Your Head

Remember “Everything Is Awesome,” the hit song from 2014′s “The Lego Movie” performed by Tegan and Sara and featuring The Lonely Island, you probably did forget it, but now it’s back in your head, and if not here is a reminder.

You are welcome for that, but hey don’t worry The Lego Movie 2 (Feb 8th, 2019) has another Amazingly annoying song for you!

it’s called “Catchy Song.” It’s performed by Dillon Francis and features T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay. “This songs gonna get stuck inside your head,” the lyrics repeat over and over.

HAHAHA, so yeah, have with that for a bit!

“The Lego Movie 2” is in theaters Feb. 8. The tune, “Catchy Song,” which you can hear in the video above, will be in your head forever.

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