"Baby Shark" has made its way onto the Billboard Top 100 List

“Baby Shark,” swims its way onto the Billboard Hot 100. The song entered the Billboard chart at No. 32 for the week of January 12th according to Billboard.

Just in case you weren’t aware, “Baby Shark” is not a new song.  The song “Baby Shark”, started as a campfire song, way back when.

There is also a version of “Baby Shark” which became popular in a 2007 YouTube video named “Kleiner Hai” published by Alexandra Müller.

Pinkfong, a South Korea-based educational brand, released its version of the song in 2016, and they released a video to go along with the song.  “Baby Shark” was streamed 20.8 million times for the week ending January 3rd.


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