Best Friend Test: Things You Should Know About Your Ride Or Die

Do you know these things about your BFF?


You should!

Test yourself with these questions:


1. Their nickname?
2. Their favorite dessert?
3. Their current crush?
4. Dream artist to see live in concert?
5. Tickets to the movies or the theatre?
6. Their parents’ names?
7. Destination wedding?
8. When they need a hug?
9. How many siblings in their fam?
10 .When they want to be left alone?
11. Their favorite book?
12. Their dreams?
13. Their personality type?
14. Coke or Pepsi?
15. Harry Potter Fan?
16. Their pick on jeans or leggings?
17. Their favorite sport?
18. Their laughter?
19. Their favorite food?
20. Their go-to music genre?
21. Their level of love for coffee?
22. Their biggest pet peeve?
23. Does he/she procrastinate?
24. Night owl or morning person??
25. Apple music or Spotify?
26. Their favorite color?
27. Messy or organized?
28. Favorite place to shop?
29. Allergic to gluten?
30. Their binge-watch Netflix series?
31. Their dream vacation place?
32. Outdoors or Indoors?
33. Dog or cat?
34. Their birthday? (Not using Facebook to find out)
35. Their Best Friend? Duh!


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