Have you seen these "ladybugs"?

Have you seen these little “ladybugs”? P.S they are NOT ladybugs, these little ones are actually known as harlequin, or the Asian lady beetle. These pests are little jerks that bite or pinch people, and you might find them in your home as the weather starts to get warmer. We get them all the time in our home, and last night was the last straw when one of them landed on me when I was trying to sleep. I leaped out of bed, and decided we are selling our house. Yes, it’s not a realistic solution. Perhaps it’s time to put up a mosquito net around my bed, or set up a tent of some sort. My skin is crawling thinking about them.

What attracts them?

Asian lady beetles are believed to be most attracted to buildings and structures that are near woods and fields, homes that are lighter in colour, or homes that have contrast (light and dark colour scheme). FUN!

How do you get rid of them?

*Seal gaps and cracks where the might enter. i.e siding, doors, windows, chimneys, and openings around pipes.
*Repair or replace damaged windows or door screens.
*Since they are attracted to lighter coloured homes, paint your house!? Once again, not very realistic.

How do you get rid of them when they are in your home?

*Suck them up with a vaccum. Be sure to empty the vacuum bag after using it.
*FLUSH them
*Call a professional
*I still like the whole, sell my house option

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