Introducing Qwant, the search engine music fans have been waiting for

If you’re like 95% of the planet, you used Google to search for anything involving music. The search returns are usually pretty good, but what if there was a search engine that was dedicated just to music? That’s where Qwant comes in.

Built in France and launched in 2013, Qwant announced at SXSW this year that it’s finally coming out of beta.

This article at Tom’s Guide shows how it can be a lot more useful than Google. Looking for information on Seal starts with a bunch of hits on aquatic wildlife. But because Qwant is only about music, it returns result that are just about the “Crazy” singer. Time-saving, no?

Qwant also pulls in everything from news stories and music videos to social media posts relating to the artist. The site has indexed the web and then applied AI to make sure the results are as targeted as possible.

Try Quant here. Extensions for Chrome and Firefox are coming soon. More information on the whole thing can be found here.

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