new $10 bill yesterdday and it's vertical.

The bill features Viola Desmond, the black civil rights activist who fought against racial segregation in Nova Scotia. In 1946, she was arrested after refusing to sit in the blacks-only section of a movie theater in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Desmond died in 1965, and the province gave her a posthumous free pardon in 2010, recognizing the injustice she and other black Nova Scotians suffered.

The other side of the new bill features the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg.

and to have a pioneer like Viola on it is an awesome statement for racial equality and civil rights!

and did I mention it is vertical!

And people and digging it!

well, like anything someone people are a little less thrilled

Like it or love it, we all agree that our currency is way better than the States!!!

What dod you think of the new Bill, “The Future Is Vertical”

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