My problem with National Cereal Day

So it’s National Cereal Day. A day where people will post selfies of themselves eating cereal and talking about how awesome cereal is but no one will talk about the dark underbelly of cereal.

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The dark underbelly I’m talking about is the serious mistreatment of some of the cereal mascots.

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Like the Trix Rabbit. All he wanted was some Trix and the kids were always so rude to him.

or the honey bee from the Honey Nut Cheerios. He tried so hard and yet the kids never shared with the poor little guy.

and then there is Lucky from Lucky Charms. All he wanted to do was protect his property and the kids were relentless in their pursuit.

Basically what we have learned today is that 90’s kids were selfish. Just give the rabbit some Trix!

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