Loving Spoonful- Grow A Row/Garden for Good

Who: Loving Spoonful
What: Grow A Row/Garden for Good
When: June – November
Where: The Spire, 82 Sydenham Street Monday- Friday 9am to 3pm
Kingston Gospel Temple, 2295 Princess Street Saturday & Sunday 11am-3pm (as of July 25th)

Why: Loving Spoonful’s Fresh Food Access program works to connect people to healthy food. By
working with local producers and backyard gardeners tens of thousands of pounds of food is collected
each harvest season and delivered to meal programs, pantries and shelters across the community as
well as stocking a number of Fresh Food Market Stands for public access.

Covid-19 has impacted the world in so many ways, including access to food. More people than ever will
need fresh, healthy food in the coming months as government programs dwindle away and realities of
the long term effects of this pandemic become clear. This means we need to work harder than ever to
engage our community and find solutions that are helpful to everyone. This spring, with the help of
Rona, we distributed thousands of seed packets hoping to encourage more back yard gardening of food
for personal use and donation. Local producers and backyard gardeners are encouraged to “Grow A
Row” for Loving Spoonful. Any surplus or donations of food can be dropped off at two locations in the
city. Loving spoonful volunteers work daily to pick up this produce and distribute it where it is needed

Too many tomatoes? Bushels of beans? Cartloads of Carrots? Share the love with Loving Spoonful and
support fresh food access in your community!

For More information, please contact:
Ashley Burns, Fresh Food Access Coordinator
Loving Spoonful
E: ashley@lovingspoonful.org
C: 343-364-0085