Nobuntu – All-female a cappella quartet from Zimbabwe

Don’t miss your chance to experience the mesmerizing performance of Nobuntu, the all-female a cappella quartet from Zimbabwe that has been captivating audiences worldwide. With a repertoire that ranges from traditional Zimbabwean songs to Afro Jazz and Gospel, Nobuntu’s concerts are performed with pure voices, minimalistic percussion, and traditional instruments like the Mbira (thumb piano) that will transport you to another world. This talented ensemble has received international acclaim, including winning Best Imbube Group at the Bulawayo Arts Awards in 2017 and 2019. Nobuntu represents a new generation of young African women singers who celebrate and preserve their culture and heritage through art. Their mission is to bring positive change through the power of music that transcends boundaries of race, tribe, religion, gender, and economic status. With community initiatives such as The Nobuntu Pad Bank, where they gather sanitary pads for young women in underprivileged communities, Nobuntu’s dedication to empowering women is both inspiring and admirable.